Effective Time Management- A Skill All Students Should Master
Posted By: Samiksha Oberoi Posted Date: 14 May 2020

One of the most valuable things for us all is the time. Once the time has gone out of our hands, it is no way coming back. Realizing the importance of time is vital for all the students as they have to get good grades, perform well in extra-curricular activities, maintain a social life and so much more. In such a busy schedule they have to find time for Netflix and social media. Effective time management will help students to be successful and have felicity in their lives.

Talking about the tough days- THE EXAM DAYS, it gets even more prominent to manage time, and have more organized days. During exams, students should realize we all are blessed equally with 24 hours a day, and prioritizing the tasks will surely help. The basic idea is to strike the right balance between personal and university life. With an organized schedule, a student can avoid that procrastination issue and no more stress, frustration, and poor grades will be there.

Let’s check out some tips on how students can master the skill of time management-

Maintaining A To-Do List

To be on the track, the foremost thing is to keep a record of the things one is required to do. Completing one task and then moving onto the second thing will help a student to maintain regularity and avoid being off the track. To be more systematic, it is great to keep a calendar or agenda so avoid skipping any date or time. Besides, by rewarding themselves for each task accomplished, they can boost up their morale for upcoming chores.

Prioritizing Their Tasks

Critical and time-sensitive tasks ought to be done first no matter what. Like, Emails, messages, and other little things should be kept for the night time, and tackling all the important work must be done on a priority basis. It is highly advised by experts to students to avoid keeping their biggest goals last. During the end time, the stress would not let them give their best. Also, will make you overwhelmed and anxious later on. So, students should put first things first and learn to prioritize their tasks.

Students can create their time budget and determine the exact time they are supposed to spend on a specific activity. By applying this great method, they can make time for family commitments, household chores, entertainment, and much more. Do not skimp on time management whether you are preparing for any competitive exam or merely pursuing your regular study. Good luck students!

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