The nativity of Ambition Quest Institute is to endorse the youth to become the leaders of today so that they can help the nation to excel tomorrow and forever. Ambition Quest Institute is comprised of a bunch of wistful people whose only focus is to transform the crowd into a group of productive leaders in various fields and different forms.

Ambition Quest Institute has gone through a lot of transition from being a decent coaching institute into a flattering result producer in different entrance examinations. It’s saying by Coach John Wooden, “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming” and strongly stand by this because we believe an honest effort helps in creating history. At Ambition Quest Institute we stand by teamwork where a student’s success is put as the priority. It’s been our venture to walk on the least walked roads and convert the journey into the glorious ending. Our only motto is to stand by the students throughout their journey and to educate them for a progressive nation. Young minds are the ignited lamps that need a pathway to burn like fire. Teachers here at Ambition Quest Institute make sure to change the burning lamp into the bright sun. We counsel the students as per their interest and make every possible effort to convert their dream into reality. Whole Ambition team be it teachers or the staff feel the inner set of feelings of the young dynamic generation and helps them to change all the emotions into fruitful results be it dreams or the vision, joys or the pain. Starting from the needle to the clock teachers make sure to overcome every single fear of the student. We standby throughout student’s journey and live their struggling moments and the cherished moment after they successfully pass the examinations. Our teachers make sure to help students in every aspect starting from making their basic strong to clearing all possible doubts in any of the subjects. Teachers make sure the concepts are very clear and strong. Fundamentals strengthen the subject’s knowledge and cleared doubts results in success. We aim at an educated nation developed nation.



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